We were delighted to accept an invitation to sample some new cocktails at Chelseas’ worst kept secret speakeasy. We headed to Barts to slurp on a few of their new and creative Bloodshot Spiced Bloody Mary inspired concoctions.DELICIOUS LONDON BARTS CHELSEA

Bart’s little den of naughtiness is hidden in the back of the well known Chelsea Cloisters building on Sloane Avenue. It’s great fun, quite young and offers a rather large and experimental cocktails list, selection of bar snacks to soak up said cocktails, and (very importantly)  a dressing up box, all set in a rather interesting back drop of what seems like a kleptomaniac’s treasured life time collection of trinkets. The rather well to-do crowd, can be seen drinking and dancing the night away and often quite raucously singing along to some hilariously cheesy music – sounds like madness, it is a bit, be careful, it’s actually incredibly infectious and fun!

The new BloodShot Menu: Perfect for a little weekend Hair of the Hound!

The basis of each of the drinks is Bloodshot Vodka, an artisan spirit created from over twenty different ingredients, we are now fans, and it seemed to lend these cocktails a real depth of flavour. There are three original creations to try and a classic is also available; The Mary Tudor, Bloody Liability, The Devil’s Punchbowl and, for the purists, the original recipe, Bloodshot Mary.  These are not Bloody Marys as you might expect.

The Mary Tudor 1(ours was served less the rose – which I think we prefer….)

Bloody Liability 1

We tried: The Mary Tudor – blend of Bloodshot, Rose Jam, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Sugar Syrup and served with a garnish of Rose Jam on Toast.  I am a massive fan of all things rose, but this was my first introduction to Rose Jam, what a lovely surprise and super delightful alternative to the classic, this is light and fresh with a kick. We also tried the Bloody Liability, a heady mix of Belvedere Vodka, Bloodshot, Fresh Beetroot, Fresh lemon Juice, Honey and an edible garnish of Beetroot and Parmesan Shavings.   This was a much more mature flavour – also very enjoyable – with parmesan sets of the flavours in the cocktails beautifully.

There is also –  try The Devil’s Punchbowl, a warm drink served in a teacup and saucer and made with Harvey’s Bristol Cream, Bloodshot, Merlot, Cloudy Apple Juice, Cloves, Cinnamon and Ginger with a side of Chilli Chocolate.

We thoroughly enjoyed sipping on these creative creations; they were fun and surprising to drink. The addition of toasts, jams and cheeses means that these drinks are fabulously interactive and engaging – Something to tell your friends about or try to create at home! Something that The Oracle of Edible Entertaining lives for!

bloodshot menu

N.B Re-consider ordering these drink if you’re in a rush, our bar tender took a lot of pride in what they were making, which is commendable if not a little timely – so lazy Sundays only for these drinks.

Barts also offer extensive cocktails – served in everything from top hats to tea pots. Classic cocktails start at £10. The wine and champagne list is suitably Chelsea, however there is some very reasonable wine available by the glass and bottle. We also tried an additional round of cocktails including a Thyme Martini – herbs grown in house and theatrically presented Old Fashioned – both top notch.

Find out more about Bloodshot vodka:  for  where to get it and they even offer up some classic recipes so you can serve these bloody beauties to your guests from  the comfort of your own home.

Entertaining:. The theatre begins from the street, finding the bar with no signage, and then there is a bell and hatch style door, dressing up box by the door and extraordinary array of trinkets, props and memorabilia adoring the walls. This is a tiny bar with lots of character. However, if you are thinking of bringing a client or guest down to this venue I would recommend that you book ahead. It is not always the easiest to get in due to size, crowd and nature of the entrance system.

If you like a spot of live entertainment then Wednesday offers up a pianist from 9pm.

Cocktails from £10 upwards / Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Ave, London, SW3 3DW
020 7581 3355

Mon-Thurs 6pm-12am/ Fri-Sat 6pm-1am/ Sun 6pm-10.30pm

Group bookings and event enquiries contact

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